Lil'Bytes - We Make Computers Easy

Computers are becoming more important in our lives, both at home and at work. Unfortunately they also appear to become more complex, just when you need them to be easy. Finding the right solution at the right price can be complex - but Lil'Bytes can help.

Lil'Bytes can help make computing easy. Our family service will help with

  • Website Hosting & Email Services.
  • Domain Name Registration & Management.
  • Creating an online presence for new and small businesses, creating new marketing avenues.
  • Upgrading your "Bigpond" or Yahoo business e-mail address to something more professional.
  • Helping to get your photos online, to start a personal blog or a fan site.
  • Creating unique, dynamic websites personalised for your company, club or hobby.
  • Support!

All backed up with nearly 40 years combined experience.